Unplugged Weddings
20 Sep 2020

  Unplugged weddings are the new rage. And for good reason. Here are some of my thoughts on the topic; From a Photographers Point of View As a photographer, there

Winter vs Summer Weddings
26 Aug 2020

Let's have the summer vs winter wedding debate. While summer is definitely more popular for weddings, I would encourage more people to consider a winter wedding. Winter vs Summer Weddings

Kimi & Dom’s Wedding Shoot
03 Aug 2020

Kimi & Dom's Wedding Shoot was my first post Covid19 shoot!  Here are some of learnings from it - Wearing a mask while shooting is a challenge. I breath out

Anthea & Connal Wedding
01 Apr 2020

and How They Met Before we get into the details of Anthea & Connal Wedding, I have to tell you about their love story. Ant & Con’s first date was

Yonita & Brandon’s Wedding
29 Mar 2020

From the time Yonita and Brandon contacted me to photograph their wedding they told me their wedding was to be an intimate affair. Yonita and Brandon are not about going

Simona & Jacks Wedding
28 Oct 2018

Simona and Jacks Wedding wasn’t actually the start of their marriage! They got married a few years ago, but they had never had a Wedding, despite wanting one. Life through

Simone & Mark Vow Renewal
12 May 2018

How they Met If you follow me on Instagram you have already read on the one post how Simone and Marks first meeting of one another went. I doubt either

Lana & Enver Wedding
15 Jan 2017

The Party Crashers Lana & Enver Wedding had international party crashes! Picture this: Half way through a wedding reception and next thing some foreigners walk in. One in the brightest

Nicola & Francois Wedding
10 Jan 2017

Rain, Rain, Rain Summer is wedding season in Gauteng, it’s also the rainy season, we had some serious fun in the rain while doing Nicola & Francois Wedding photography.  For

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