Hayley & Wade Engagement Shoot
20 Jul 2019

Do you remember the wedding vow renewal I shot about a year ago, with Simone and Mark? This is her daughter and future son in law. When I shot Simone

Simona & Jack Wedding
28 Oct 2018

Simona and Jack got married a few years ago, but they had never had a ceremony, despite wanting one. Life through some serious curve balls their way and their love

Simone & Mark Vow Renewal
12 May 2018

If you follow me on Instagram you have already read on the one post how Simone and Marks first meeting of one another went. I doubt either of them walked

Lana & Enver Wedding
15 Jan 2017

We had international party crashes! There’s nothing quite like being half way through a wedding reception and next thing some foreigners walk in – one in the brightest yellow shirt

Nicola & Francois Wedding
10 Jan 2017

It had been raining all week, in fact we had had floods just recently and it was almost guaranteed that the rain would continue all day on the day of

Kementha & Yegin Wedding
22 Jul 2016

Getting locked out of rooms, finishing ceremonies before being allowed to get on golf course, Getting locked in (sort of) of the pool area! What a fun wedding! I always

Sandra & Paul’s Wedding
13 Jul 2016

Chocolate mousse cake! Yup, chocolate mousse cake!! Those of you who read my blog often know how much I love wedding cake, but this was a total game changer!! I

Ashton & Andrew Wedding
06 Jun 2016

Oh how I love away weddings! And this one in a game park!! Eeeeek <3 After taking a drive up to the absolutely break taking spot where the ceremony is

Isaac & Leah Wedding
31 Mar 2016

I arrived at the house where the welcoming was going to take place and found a beautifully decorated reception area and a very very very relaxed Isaac casually socialising and

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