10 Dec 2015

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Saddle & Trout
07 Dec 2015

My dad is part of some holiday club thing, where every year you get points that you can use to go on holiday. But my dad never really goes on

Stars … And a farm house
07 Dec 2015

I have been dying to try shoot some stars for quite awhile now, but somehow never seem to get around to it. So this night I was out staying on

Vaal Dam
07 Dec 2015

Back to this amazing place I love so much. I can’t really remember the reason for the visit this time. I think I probably just needed to get out of

07 Dec 2015

Yaaaay! Back to this amazing place. A friend of mine (Liesl) was living with her aunt and uncle in Johannesburg while she was completing her phycology degree. Her cousin who

Kruger Park
07 Dec 2015

I’m in a picture for a change! The group of friends and I who went to Kruger Park. As a little kid we used to go to Kruger Park quite

07 Dec 2015

When we were still considering moving to the coast everyone warned us that living on the coast is very different to going on holiday there. They told us you start

06 Dec 2015

I absolutely love love love holidays!! So when my aunt asked me to join her on her annual holiday to Mabula of course I said yes! I remember going there

Johannesburg Lightening
04 Dec 2015

    When I first started photography I always used to look at the people who regularly posted lightening pics and I always wondered how they did it. I would

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