Kruger National Park
12 Jul 2019

I, along with a few other crazy people on this earth, do this very crazy thing where we drive ridiculous distances to then go and run ridiculous distances. There is

Kruger National Park
26 Nov 2018

So I cant quite decide which to do first – warn you that this might turn into quite a long blog, or just post my ton of favorite Giraffe obsession

Christmas in Mtunzini
25 Feb 2018

With all three of these posts being in such quick succession of each other you are going to realize just how obsessed I became with this very little town. My

Mtunzini & Hluhluwe
25 Feb 2018

If you read my blog post before this one you will know how reluctant I was to go visit my sister in Mtunzini, well this was the return visit just

23 Feb 2018

My sister had moved here about 6 months before to do her year of Community Service, and she wouldn’t stop going on and on about the place. From the moment

Pilanesberg Weekend
15 Nov 2017

What do you do after you have had a shoot at Sun City for a week? Invite friends and go to Pilanesburg for the weekend of course!! I am incredibly

Kate & Vagabond Horse Portraits
20 Jul 2016

This is Vagabond, He is rather young, he’s actually very young. And much like little humans, he seems to find the whole idea of having his picture taken rather odd,

Sam & Tyrone Engagement Shoot
13 Jul 2016

This beautiful soul is Samantha. She is one of my absolute dearest friends and truely one of the gems of the earth. She has the sweetest nature and is so

Ashton & Andrew Wedding
06 Jun 2016

Oh how I love away weddings! And this one in a game park!! Eeeeek <3 After taking a drive up to the absolutely break taking spot where the ceremony is

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