Randburg Harriers Helpers Run
10 Jul 2019

All you need to know about this day was that it was the coldest day EVER!  I woke up and for the first time ever in my life, I was

Randburg Harriers Adrienne Hersch Challenge
24 Nov 2018

I cant tell you why, but this is one of my absolute favourite races ever! Maybe it’s just because its close to home and I know so many people who

Why do runners run?
20 Feb 2018

“Many many many years ago, it started out when I stopped smoking, and I needed to not put on weight, and that’s where it started. So, I was just a

Run Zone Launch
20 Feb 2018

I really should have blogged about this club immediately after doing the shoot – how do you express just how incredible a club has turned out to be in a

Randburg Harriers Street Mile
04 Dec 2016

This was a new event on the running calendar and was a bit of a last minute plan after city to city got cancelled this year. The event included a

Randburg Harriers Comrades Marathon Prize Giving
20 Jul 2016

I joined Randburg Harriers last year when I decided I was going to run The Comrades Marathon. I never actually knew anything about any of the clubs, or actually anything

Easter 100
03 May 2016

This race is crazy! These people who run this race are crazy! Its Easter weekend – a long weekend, but these people choose to rather spend their long weekend waking

31 Mar 2016

This is Maphuti a few hours after she received her new shoes, socks, pants, shirts, hats, camel pack, buffer, gloves and loads loads more from the amazing sponsors Silverfox. We

Colour Run
05 Jan 2016

There was a race on this day and then there was colour run. There was no way I was prepared to miss the race, it was the first race I

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