Kate & Vagabond Horse Portraits
20 Jul 2016

This is Vagabond, He is rather young, he’s actually very young. And much like little humans, he seems to find the whole idea of having his picture taken rather odd,

02 Feb 2016

Whenever I’m in Durban we go visit my sister and her horse over weekends … I love Legend (her horse) but seeing him for a few hours on each visit

Kerry’s Horse Shoot
11 Jan 2016

I used to beg my sister every time I saw her to please please please let me do a shoot with her. The answer was always a very firm no.

22 Dec 2015

This post has been up for some time and I’m coming back to it now to add the story about it, and looking through these images, all I can think

Ant & Harry
08 Dec 2015

I usually get super excited at even just the thought of doing a photo shoot, and the few hours before a shoot I generally get on this little excitement high.

Caity & Horses
07 Dec 2015

I dont know what it is about this girl and the shoots I do with her, but I always absolutely love the photos that I take when I work with

Ker & Legend
07 Dec 2015

This was another shoot I’d been begging my sister to let me do for ages. And she almost got out of doing this one too by running over an hour

GG, Legend and Flapjack
06 Dec 2015

I wish I had known that this day would be one of the last days I got to photograph this horse. GG belonged to my sister and I and he

17 Nov 2015

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