19 Jan 2020

Look who came for a dog photoshoot! World, meet Finn. At the time of this dog photoshoot, so quite some time ago, Finn had recently joined the Silber household. Their

Choccy / Chewbacca First Day in his New Home – Pet Portraits
10 Jul 2019

So I try not to do too many personal posts, but this one I just have to. We got a dog!!Those of you who know me know how besotted I

Roger & Marvin Dog Portraits
19 Feb 2018

I met Roger first, just a few weeks before Marvin joined the family, and it was definitely love at first sight, at least for me (although I have to admit

Oli, Bella, Eddie and Lucy Dog Portraits
21 Nov 2017

I met Bella a few months ago when she came to watch some hockey with her mom and I. Maybe I am far to judgmental, but I saw a Rottweiler

Mienkie, Marley & Kenobi Dog Portraits
17 Jan 2017

We were lucky enough to be trusted to look after theses 3 gorgeous dogs for a week while their owners went overseas. And of course I had to take out

Sally & Roxy Dog Portraits
13 Jul 2016

I met beautiful Sally about 4 years ago. But by met, I mean I saw her, usually her bum as she ran away from me. She was one of the

Lisa & Shaun’s Dogs
06 Jan 2016

Lisa is the best human being on earth! If it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t have this website! She has been the absolute most amazingly helpful person! I also

Blue & Scollie
22 Dec 2015

I don’t really normally do dog shoots, unless it’s of my dog, but when Caity asked me to please take some photos of her furry children, I couldn’t say no. It turned

10 Dec 2015

I left home and there was sunshine, but on the way there I could see huge storm clouds in the distance, in the direction I was heading. As I got

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