19 Jan 2020

Look who came for a dog photoshoot! World, meet Finn. At the time of this dog photoshoot, so quite some time ago, Finn had recently joined the Silber household. Their

Choccy / Chewbacca First Day in his New Home – Pet Portraits
10 Jul 2019

So I try not to do too many personal posts, but this one I just have to. We got a dog!!Those of you who know me know how besotted I

Roger & Marvin Dog Portraits
19 Feb 2018

I met Roger first, just a few weeks before Marvin joined the family, and it was definitely love at first sight, at least for me (although I have to admit

Oli, Bella, Eddie and Lucy Dog Portraits
21 Nov 2017

I met Bella a few months ago when she came to watch some hockey with her mom and I. Maybe I am far to judgmental, but I saw a Rottweiler

Mienkie, Marley & Kenobi Dog Portraits
17 Jan 2017

We were lucky enough to be trusted to look after theses 3 gorgeous dogs for a week while their owners went overseas. And of course I had to take out

Kate & Vagabond Horse Portraits
20 Jul 2016

This is Vagabond, He is rather young, he’s actually very young. And much like little humans, he seems to find the whole idea of having his picture taken rather odd,

Sally & Roxy Dog Portraits
13 Jul 2016

I met beautiful Sally about 4 years ago. But by met, I mean I saw her, usually her bum as she ran away from me. She was one of the

02 Feb 2016

Whenever I’m in Durban we go visit my sister and her horse over weekends … I love Legend (her horse) but seeing him for a few hours on each visit

Kerry’s Horse Shoot
11 Jan 2016

I used to beg my sister every time I saw her to please please please let me do a shoot with her. The answer was always a very firm no.

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