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19 Jan 2020

Look who came for a dog photoshoot! World, meet Finn. At the time of this dog photoshoot, so quite some time ago, Finn had recently joined the Silber household. Their

Hayley & Wade Engagement Shoot
20 Jul 2019

Do you remember the wedding vow renewal I shot about a year ago, with Simone and Mark? This is her daughter and future son in law. When I shot Simone

Kruger National Park
12 Jul 2019

I, along with a few other crazy people on this earth, do this very crazy thing where we drive ridiculous distances to then go and run ridiculous distances. There is

Choccy / Chewbacca First Day in his New Home – Pet Portraits
10 Jul 2019

So I try not to do too many personal posts, but this one I just have to. We got a dog!!Those of you who know me know how besotted I

Randburg Harriers Helpers Run
10 Jul 2019

All you need to know about this day was that it was the coldest day EVER!  I woke up and for the first time ever in my life, I was

Tupperware Conference
07 Mar 2019

I usually don’t post any of my corporate work – I really don’t want to bore anyone – but this conference is different. These people all just absolutely love their

Kruger National Park
26 Nov 2018

So I cant quite decide which to do first – warn you that this might turn into quite a long blog, or just post my ton of favorite Giraffe obsession

Randburg Harriers Adrienne Hersch Challenge
24 Nov 2018

I cant tell you why, but this is one of my absolute favourite races ever! Maybe it’s just because its close to home and I know so many people who

Simona & Jack Wedding
28 Oct 2018

Simona and Jack got married a few years ago, but they had never had a ceremony, despite wanting one. Life through some serious curve balls their way and their love

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