Hi! So, I'm Tamryn. I love sunsets, travel and food, especially cake. But most of all I love pretty pictures and amazing people, and when you put the two together, life just becomes amazing! I currently live in Randburg, Johannesburg after moving here from Durban a few years ago. I'd like to think of myself as something like a gypsy though, I love moving to new areas, meeting new people, finding new coffee shops and exploring new places.

I have always been interested in photography. My sister bought me my first camera as a present many many years ago. It was a bright blue and yellow film camera and it came with a matching watch! I felt pretty cool walking around with my matching camera and watch. I had never really thought of photography as a career, I had always presumed you had to go study and be an accountant, doctor, or lawyer or something when you finished school. I was on holiday with a friend and some of her family friend when the one girl told me she wanted to be a wildlife photographer after school. That day changed my life. I had never ever considered photography as a career, but once I heard that it was an option it became my dream job. What better way to spend your life than doing a job that you absolutely love!

I studied photography and on the first day after varsity I decided to travel around South Africa for a bit. I never got very far. I went to the Drakensburg for two weeks and then went to the Vaal for a week. I love cows and still think I need to own a few at some point in my life. I worked on a farm in the Vaal for a week putting up fences during the day and going on sailing on the dam in the evenings. It was amazing. A week later my Aunt from Johannesburg fetched me so I could visit her for a short while. The short while turned into a long while after I was offered a job in Johannesburg and the hustle and bustle of a fast paced, busy city has intrigued me too much to allow me to leave. Although I must state that after a recent visit to Cape Town, I think Johannesburg may now have slid down to second place on my list of 'best place to live at this time in my life'.


I mainly photograph weddings - I absolutely love them! While studying we were once asked what line of photography we would like to go into and we were then asked what we would never do. I had two things on my list of what I would never do. War and weddings. Well, when I was in Johannesburg I got the opportunity to work with a wedding photographer and much like my holiday rule (there's a lot about the rule in my blog posts) I also have an opportunity rule, so I had to accept the opportunity and shoot weddings. I loved it! I love the people, I love the decor, I love the music and all the dancing and of course I love the food, especially the cake. What I have also realised over the past few years though, is that I absolutely love love. Love stories, weddings, couples it all intrigues me so much and to be apart of a wedding and be privileged enough to capture the memories of the couples on their special day is just the greatest honour!

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