Travel / 12 Jul 2019
Kruger National Park
I, along with a few other crazy people on this earth, do this very crazy thing where we drive ridiculous distances to then go and run ridiculous distances. There is other crazy stuff like waking up when normal people are only just going to bed after a good night out, but we wont get into all that right now. Anyway, this crazy adventure took my boyfriend, a good running friend of mine and I all the way from Johannesburg to Nelspruit, to then hop on a bus to Kaapsehoop (at 3am) to then sit in the cold surrounded by the most beautiful forests, to then running, yes running, back to Nelsruit (it always sounds more crazy when I put in writing, it sounded like a perfectly logical thing to do in my head). We then did a mini (read great) detour on the way home to go through one of my favorite places on earth Kruger National Park! We were only there for one afternoon and one morning, but as usual, Kruger doesn’t disappoint, no matter how brief your stay.  Simply sitting at a waterhole is one of the best things to do in Kruger – its always amazing to see how many different animals walk past, have a drink or even have a little stand off! These guys are so stunning, and they are always so nice to photograph, I always feel a bit bad about how much I love Kudu biltong when I come across a living one.

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