Running / 10 Jul 2019
Randburg Harriers Helpers Run
All you need to know about this day was that it was the coldest day EVER! 
I woke up and for the first time ever in my life, I was not excited to go to a shoot! I dressed like an eskimo and off I went to the running  club to see if there would be any runners brave enough to take on the cold. I was pretty sure I was going to be the only one there, and when I got there I wasn’t far off – there were only two other runners in the club! I had a few seconds of seriously contemplating going back home and to a warm bed, but I should have known better, these are runners after all. It must have been about 5 min to when suddenly the club filled up and there was a crowd, all ready to go and run in the freezing cold.
After having a good hard look at the the route and planning when the light would be good, how far through the race the runners would be and where would be a safe enough spot for me to go stand I headed on out. I had chosen a spot where there was a water table, not only did it make sense for me to be around a few more people from a safety aspect, but I was also expecting the runners to be a bit more lively heading towards a drink and a snack. Knowing that I had amble time before the runners would be coming past I hopped out the car and helped the couple setting up the water table, as soon as we were set up we all ran for our cars – with frozen fingers, frozen ears and a frozen nose I blasted my heater and slowly started to defrost.
Just as I was getting feeling back in my extremities I started with my stressing – I can’t stand the thought of being late, or missing a shot. So even though I knew it would still be awhile before the runners would be coming past I hopped out my car to brave the cold again. I got into position and stood waiting while breathing warm air onto my fingers. Finally I spotted the runners in the distance, I picked up my camera and got ready, and click, click, click I started shooting. If you have ever photographed a race, or even if you have run one, you might have noticed how there always seems to be batches of people, and then nothing, and then a few more batches etc. I would shoot each batch, then quickly try defrost my fingers by blowing some warm air onto them again. It must have been by about the 6th batch of people when I slowly started realizing I was losing feeling in my fingers (initially they were just tingling like crazy they were so cold) it got so bad that at one point I had a runner go past, but when I tried to press my shutter I wasn’t sure if I had successfully moved my finger at all, if it hadn’t been for the very distinctive ka-choo of my shutter I wouldn’t even have known I had actually got the shot.
Luckily there was a gap after that moment and I managed to recover my fingers just as the sun started peeping over the trees behind me and a few minutes later, I swear, I could feel my icicle self slowing thawing as the sun crawled higher and higher in the sky.

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