Corporate / 07 Mar 2019
Tupperware Conference

I usually don’t post any of my corporate work – I really don’t want to bore anyone – but this conference is different. These people all just absolutely love their job. I have never seen people arrive and be so eager to attend a work conference! But, it’s not just the conference they are so happy about – they have these motivational talks where they invite their most successful person of the year up on to stage to talk about how they go about their business recruiting new members as well as making sales, and they all talk about how much they dance and sing in order to recruit and sell – and the more people I chat to each time the more I realize that this is the norm. I am convinced that in order to succeed in this business, you have to just have a ton of fun, and the more people you get to have fun with you the better you do.

This shoot is usually a two day thing, but it is a serious flat out two and a half days of shooting. You wake up at the crack of dawn (I must say, they feed us the most amazing breakfast! Oh and they have these incredible little cinnamon pastries that I live on for the 2 and a half days) and the partying/awards/give aways go on until late into the night. However this event you don’t get buggered at – the energy, excitement and pure joy everyone else is feeling at purely being invited to attend the event is to infectious – I often find a similar thing happens to me at weddings, where I’m pretty sure I’m having more fun than the bride and groom 90% of the time and the time just flys. While corporate events are always interesting and its always a great opportunity to meet interesting people, shooting them doesn’t usually get me on a life high like this event does.

While photographing this last years conference I got chatting to a few of the head office staff to try and get a better understanding of how the whole business concept works – I mean, almost every person at the conference gets a prize, which could range from a Tupperware bowl all the way up to a car (and when I say car, its not just one or two people getting cars, its like 10s and 20s of people gettings cars!) But this is how they work – their whole business model is around rewarding the people who work hard and showing them they are valued – its no surprise then that this company is one hell of a success!

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