Events, Running / 24 Nov 2018
Randburg Harriers Adrienne Hersch Challenge
I cant tell you why, but this is one of my absolute favourite races ever! Maybe it’s just because its close to home and I know so many people who run this race, but honestly I really believe this race just has something special about it.  I always end up chatting to a number of the participants, or their parents partners or friends – and it doesn’t seem like I’m the only one who loves this race either.   A number of the participants who I spoke to told me how this was their first race / first time running a particular distance / first race after many years out of running etc – and I believe this is all because this race is so well known for being one hell of a good race – DO NOT read that as ‘easy race’, I have successfully managed to avoid running it each year, but from what I hear, this route is crazy tough! I actually have a friend who is an incredible runner – she normally places in these races (this race included), I used to train with her, and by with her I mean we would start the run together and she would finish 40min before me, but anyway I have never seen this girl tired or ever look like she is pushing pace, or looking uncomfortable… until this race! I chatted to her afterwards to find out what exactly had happened that she looked to buggered at the end and it turns out her and the girl who placed just after her had been having their own friendly little competition going in this race and in other races too where they were always passing each other and it was always quite a challenge as to who would beat who.   Have any of you guys run the Randburg Harriers Adrienne Hercsh Challenge? What was your experience like?

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