Travel / 25 Feb 2018
Mtunzini & Hluhluwe
If you read my blog post before this one you will know how reluctant I was to go visit my sister in Mtunzini, well this was the return visit just a few short weeks later. To say I fell in love with Mtunzini would really be an understatement. The town is amazing, it has my new favorite restaurant (The Clay Oven) and numerous adventures. I was also lucky that my sister lived there and so we had access to canoes, and barges etc which allowed us to really make the most of all Zini has to offer. This short visit down I decided to take my father to the game reserve just up the road – unfortunately you have to once again use the hair raising highway to get there, this time at the crack of dawn. My sister is about as bigger nutcase as I am when it comes to game parks and wildlife and she is a frequent guest in the park, this time however she decided to stay in Zini and keep little Flapjack company while my dad and I could go and explore the park. We weren’t quite left to our own free will on where in the park we were allowed to go however. Ker pulled out a map of the park, quickly highlighted the route we were to take and then proceed to inform us (as well as draw on the map) just what animals we would see where, however apparently some animals wouldn’t always be there, for example, we had a PM elephant and an AM elephant. Along with each location came a quick verbal description of the animals character. The AM elephant we were apparently not allowed to get too close to and when we saw him we were to continue driving, we were allowed to slow down, but were told not to stop, since apparently he is a grumpy old elephant who will charge the car.   We got to the park just after the gates opened and although I know my sister is a complete nutcase and cant be taken too seriously, I really was excited to see just how accurate her predictions were going to be. She had been so adamant I was hoping she would at least get a few right. Unfortunately the only one she got right was the PM elephant but apparently we were not quite on schedule because by the time we saw him he was far off in the distance way off where he was supposed to be according to Kers map. All in all the day was a very quite one in terms of sightings, but then again we are a family who has been incredibly spoilt with going to the Kruger Park on numerous occasions, and maybe the Kruger just has more animals, or maybe we just have the most incredible luck there, but I have yet to find a park that compare to the Kruger park. We left the park in daylight to avoid driving on the hair-raising highway in the dark again, and when we arrived back in Mtunzini we were lucky enough to experience the most incredible sunset.  

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