Events, Hockey / 03 May 2017
Eastern Gauteng IPT Hockey team
So these guys and girls who play at these tournaments are some of the top hockey players in our country! I got roped into photographing the Eastern Gauteng guys last 3 games in their battle to get a decent placing at the tournament, and I have to tell you it was rather difficult to stand on the side and concentrate on just photographing the game instead of putting down the camera and standing there watching and supporting the team. The intensity of these games is crazy! People literally put their bodies on the line during these games, whether it is diving for a ball to score a goal, or stop a goal, or jumping in front of a ball flying full speed at head height, these guys really give it their all. These guys have only joined the IPT tournament again 3 years again and stepping up your game from a social level to a much more serious level where you are playing against people who represent the country in the sport is truly a challenge for these guys and their results have showed it. Their aim going forward, however, is to grow the level of hockey, and not only when you get to this level, but right from the youngsters. These guys who went on this tour actually spent an entire day helping coach some youngsters from local rural areas so that by the time they get up to IPT level they are ready to play and compete against the teams who have implemented this system for years.  

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