Events, Weddings / 15 Jan 2017
Lana & Enver Wedding
We had international party crashes! There’s nothing quite like being half way through a wedding reception and next thing some foreigners walk in – one in the brightest yellow shirt I have ever seen – and proceed to take photos of the couple, the decor and selfies with any and every guest who will allow themselves to be photographed. They even came and interrupted a photo I was busy taking of the couple to ensure they had pictures with the newly weds! Luckily for the intrusive party crashes the couple just rolled their eyes, laughed at the craziness and carried on having fun on their special day. I on the other hand was in hysterics! You had to be there to understand this fully, but here are these three people marching around the reception, so clearly out of place, interrupting everyone everywhere to make photos. They all have their cellphones out, one has a bright pink selfie stick and they are taking pictures of EVERYTHING! And it’s not like they just popped in ran around quickly took their pictures and left. They stayed for long! Took their time. Wondered around. Wondered around again. And then again. Its was crazy! Madness! So so funny.   Besides the international party crashes we also had some other excitement! When I arrived all was running very smoothly. Hair and make up had started and was going well. Things were so relaxed one of Lana’s friends who were with her getting ready was even taking a nap! Then it was time to start getting into the dresses. Lana went first. The zip went up fine and all that needed to be done was to clip the top little clip. But the lady couldn’t find the clip. The next lady came and had a look. She couldn’t find the clip. Lana called her sister, who had been at some of the fittings and had been shown how to do it, but even she couldn’t find the clip! The clip was not there. Stressful, but not the end of the world. They ensured the zip was all the way up, pressed down properly and then we were all assigned the last of watching the zip through out the day to make sure it was properly up. Problem solved and stress levels a little higher the girls moved on to finishing getting into their dresses. One of the girls zips wouldn’t go up! Almost everyone in the room got a chance to try pull the zip up, but it just wouldn’t budge. Then it moved a bit! Yaaay hooray… or so we thought… the zip went up, but the zip hadn’t zipped the dress together and now it was stuck, AGAIN! By now we were already running late for the wedding. The stress levels in the room were through the roof and no one really knew what to do. Then the groom stared phoning to ask where his bride was and what was going on, he wanted to get married! We still hadn’t made much progress with getting the zip fixed and had now called down for the venues seamstress. She arrived, but the groom was phoning again, he really wanted to get married. So it was decided, the bride would walk down the isle one bridesmaid short and while the ceremony was happening the wedding planner and the venues event co ordinator would get the dress zip fixed.           Luckily the ceremony was beautiful and ran smoothly and Lana and Enver were married! <3 By the time the ceremony had ended the bridesmaid dress was fixed and we could include her in all the photos.     The reception was beautiful and the grooms speech came with a twist, him and his daughter sang Lana a song!    

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