Events / 12 Jan 2017
Late Night Shopping
This street has to be one of my favorite streets in South Africa. Not only does it have the best little shops, and most amazing food, but it also has the best people and the best vibe.
Twice a year these guys get together and organize a fabulous evening of late night shopping and amazing discounts for Christmas, as well as, the brilliant idea of letting SA have a winter Christmas, with Christmas in July. Each store brings out some drinks and eats and you can have the most fabulous time shopping with a glass of champagne in your hand, or even better in winter, some Old Brown Sherry to instantly warm you up. As you walk along the street you will walk past a choir singing Christmas carols, Father Christmases and elves entertaining the kids, and if you lucky you will find the guys making animals, crowns or what ever you wish for out of balloons!  Oh and of course the dogs! Even a few lucky dogs come out to join in the celebration!
If you are a dog lover, like me, make sure you stop by the pet shop and visit the two friendliest Great Danes. They are simply the best, they have their own mini couch which they will sit on upon demand so that we can get cool photos. At Christmas in July they even wore little hats and had photos with kids.
As much as I love photographing this event every year I also hate it. I get to see all the stores and chat to a lot of the people, but I always wish I could split myself in two and be a shopper as much as a photographer at this event.
There are always moments that will stand out in my mind at any event I photograph and one of the highlight from this event will have to be the moment I saw the one girl burst into tears over a pair of shoes she just fell in love with! Oh and I had a true little learning moment when I saw the one lady showing some customers a pair of strapless underwear for both ladies and men! Stick on, seamless underwear!

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