Sphum pregnancy shoot

I’m just going to start off by going ahead and stating the obvious, but how insanely pretty is this girl!

Sphum and I had been chatting and trying to plan this shoot for awhile, but somehow we were just never free to do this shoot at the same time. So after careful planning and many rescheduled plans, we made certain this shoot happened!

This stunning lady is one of those ammmazing clients who you can put in the middle of a dodgy veld patch or stick in the middle of a low hanging branches leaves, without even a hint of a complaint or any confusion… The long grass was a bit creepy though! We decided to try stick to the one corner of the park where it was a bit quieter – there was a park run in progress – but this meant not using the beautiful long grass patch that is the safer option on the other side of the park, so we had to opt for the long grass in the forest area. We get in place and start shooting and then while moving over a meter or so we discover this little stream like thing running through the forest. It would be very pretty if it wasn’t filled with litter and had random clothes, school bags and one lonely shoe just to the one side of it. Both Sphum and I got a bit creeped out, and my mind instantly went to the extreme and started running through possible scenarios of us soon stumbling over dead bodies, so we opted to rather start heading out the forest area to a much more open and hopefully less creepy area.

After a good few shots had been taken and more ground had been covered than we had planned on, we decided to make one last stop at this little dam and then head on back to the parking lot. This little duck was rather fascinated by us though and seemed to think he should photobomb every photo and continuously swam into the background of almost every photo I tried to take! We managed to hide him behind Sphum or snap off a picture quickly before he would turn around and swim back into the frame though.



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