Events, Party, Portraiture / 18 Dec 2016
Mimi’s Party

This girl is such a gem!

She is the sweetest and most well mannered girl I have had the privilege of coming across in a long time.





Mimi is one of the dancers from the Pulzation Dance Competition, and wow, what a dancer she is! I always love chatting the the people I photograph and finding out a little bit about them, and with Mimi it was no different, so of course the moment we started the shoot we got into a full conversation about her goals and dreams in life. It’s no surprise with her beautiful features and stunning figure Mimi is considering going into modeling later on in life.


Meeting and chatting to Mimi’s mom has to have been a highlight of this shoot. The lady is incredible. She owns her own successful business and is all about empowering woman, with her entire team being made up by ladies! Not only does she have the incredible brains to run a business, but she too possess the talent to decorate and throw one hell of a party!

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