Portraiture / 24 Sep 2016
Paula Quinsee – Relationship Coach

 I met Paula two years ago and right from that day i had huge respect for her. Paula is an absolutely incredible runner, but she is also an amazing person who is always willing to help you when ever she can.

More recently we started chatting about the possibility of working together, of course I was very keen, but when ever I threw out the idea to my couples to get together with a relationship coach they always seemed slightly confused – understandably of course, the majority of these couples are just a few months away from getting married, why would they possibly need to go for relationship and life coaching. I brought this up with Paula and we arranged that I would join in on one of her sessions. We even managed to quit easily convince my boyfriend to join! Considering we haven’t been dating for very long we really didn’t think the session would make much of a difference, but both of us were interested to see what it was all about.

The more I think about what we learnt at Paulas’ workshop the more I wish something like this was included in Life Orientation in school, or somehow exposed to every human on earth. Although we did go through and learn a lot about how to be a better partner in a relationship and how to improve our relationships, the amount I learnt about myself was just incredible. A few days ago I was sitting with a few people casually chatting and the one guy brought up something about a friend of his going overseas to go find himself, and one of the girls remarked how odd she found that phrase to be since you always with yourself and couldn’t possibly not know yourself, and I felt my heart sink for her. I know how much I have changed and learnt about myself in the last few years, and I know what an incredible eye opener Paula’s workshop was for me, and I just wish she could experience the same thing.

What shocked me most about Paula’s workshop, and as she will even tell you, what you learn there is so obvious. It’s one of those moments you want to just slap your forehead and go, “how did I not realize this” And yet you don’t realize it until Paula guides you to make it so obvious!

Do yourself a favor and go to one of her workshops!

1 October 2016 – Building Relationships Workshop

8 October 2016 – Why am I still Single


Contact details:

Cell: 083 307 0918



And here are some pics I took on a recent very fun shoot with her:


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