Look who came for a dog photoshoot! World, meet Finn. At the time of this dog photoshoot, so quite some time ago, Finn had recently joined the Silber household. Their

Hayley & Wade Engagement Shoot

Do you remember the wedding vow renewal I shot about a year ago, with Simone and Mark? This is her daughter and future son in law. When I shot Simone

Kruger National Park

I, along with a few other crazy people on this earth, do this very crazy thing where we drive ridiculous distances to then go and run ridiculous distances. There is

Choccy / Chewbacca First Day in his New Home – Pet Portraits

So I try not to do too many personal posts, but this one I just have to. We got a dog!!Those of you who know me know how besotted I

Randburg Harriers Helpers Run

All you need to know about this day was that it was the coldest day EVER!  I woke up and for the first time ever in my life, I was

Tupperware Conference

I usually don’t post any of my corporate work – I really don’t want to bore anyone – but this conference is different. These people all just absolutely love their

Kruger National Park

So I cant quite decide which to do first – warn you that this might turn into quite a long blog, or just post my ton of favorite Giraffe obsession

Randburg Harriers Adrienne Hersch Challenge

I cant tell you why, but this is one of my absolute favourite races ever! Maybe it’s just because its close to home and I know so many people who

Simona & Jack Wedding

Simona and Jack got married a few years ago, but they had never had a ceremony, despite wanting one. Life through some serious curve balls their way and their love

Simone & Mark Vow Renewal

If you follow me on Instagram you have already read on the one post how Simone and Marks first meeting of one another went. I doubt either of them walked

Christmas in Mtunzini

With all three of these posts being in such quick succession of each other you are going to realize just how obsessed I became with this very little town. My

Sandra & Paul 1 year anniversary

There is something I love about seeing any of the beautiful people whose weddings I have photographed. It is especially special when I get to photograph them again! Sandra &

Mtunzini & Hluhluwe

If you read my blog post before this one you will know how reluctant I was to go visit my sister in Mtunzini, well this was the return visit just


My sister had moved here about 6 months before to do her year of Community Service, and she wouldn’t stop going on and on about the place. From the moment

Why do runners run?

“Many many many years ago, it started out when I stopped smoking, and I needed to not put on weight, and that’s where it started. So, I was just a

Run Zone Launch

I really should have blogged about this club immediately after doing the shoot – how do you express just how incredible a club has turned out to be in a

Roger & Marvin Dog Portraits

I met Roger first, just a few weeks before Marvin joined the family, and it was definitely love at first sight, at least for me (although I have to admit

Oli, Bella, Eddie and Lucy Dog Portraits

I met Bella a few months ago when she came to watch some hockey with her mom and I. Maybe I am far to judgmental, but I saw a Rottweiler

Pilanesberg Weekend

What do you do after you have had a shoot at Sun City for a week? Invite friends and go to Pilanesburg for the weekend of course!! I am incredibly

Alicia & Jaco Couple Shoot

    I am so fortunate to always get such amazing couples contacting me for shoots. These guys were no different, they had a rough idea of what they wanted,

Eastern Gauteng IPT Hockey team

So these guys and girls who play at these tournaments are some of the top hockey players in our country! I got roped into photographing the Eastern Gauteng guys last

Zo & James Couple Shoot

These two people are really true gems, they are down to earth, friendly, fun and super amazing to photograph.  I met them just over a month ago at a running

Mienkie, Marley & Kenobi Dog Portraits

We were lucky enough to be trusted to look after theses 3 gorgeous dogs for a week while their owners went overseas. And of course I had to take out

Lana & Enver Wedding

We had international party crashes! There’s nothing quite like being half way through a wedding reception and next thing some foreigners walk in – one in the brightest yellow shirt

Late Night Shopping

This street has to be one of my favorite streets in South Africa. Not only does it have the best little shops, and most amazing food, but it also has

Sphum pregnancy shoot

I’m just going to start off by going ahead and stating the obvious, but how insanely pretty is this girl! Sphum and I had been chatting and trying to plan

Nicola & Francois Wedding

It had been raining all week, in fact we had had floods just recently and it was almost guaranteed that the rain would continue all day on the day of

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