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Hayley & Wade Engagement Shoot
20 Jul 2019

  I got this engagement shoot after photographing Hayleys Mom and Dads wedding last year. Do you remember the wedding vow renewal I shot about a year ago, with Simone

We got a dog – Choccy / Chewbacca
10 Jul 2019

We got a dog! His name is Choccy (being renamed to Chewbacca) and here are some pics from his first day in his new home! I try not to do

Simona & Jacks Wedding
28 Oct 2018

Simona and Jacks Wedding wasn’t actually the start of their marriage! They got married a few years ago, but they had never had a Wedding, despite wanting one. Life through

Simone & Mark Vow Renewal
12 May 2018

How they Met If you follow me on Instagram you have already read on the one post how Simone and Marks first meeting of one another went. I doubt either

Sandra & Paul Anniversary Shoot
25 Feb 2018

I got to see Sandra & Paul again for their anniversary shoot! There is something I really love about seeing any of the beautiful people whose weddings I have photographed

Roger & Marvin Dog Portraits
19 Feb 2018

Roger and Marvin Dog portraits is a bit misleading. It should be something like: Roger and then Roger and Marvin, and then Roger, Marvin and Leo dog portraits. Explanation? Roger

Oli, Bella, Eddie and Lucy Dog Portraits
21 Nov 2017

Oli, Bella, Eddie and Lucy Dog portraits all started when I met Bella a few months ago. She came to watch some hockey with her mom and I. Meeting Bella

Alicia & Jaco Couple Shoot
14 Nov 2017

I am so fortunate to always get such amazing couples contacting me for shoots. Alicia & Jaco Couple Shoot was no different. They had a rough idea of what they

Zo & James Couple Shoot
05 Apr 2017

These two people are really true gems, they are down to earth, friendly, fun and super amazing to photograph.  I met them just over a month ago at a running

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